A is for Alpha or A is for Apple?

A is for Alpha or A is for Apple? appeared first on DiscountCell Reviews.

Hot on the tail of the iPhone 6 release, is the potential of Samsung’s latest offerings. With the Samsung Galaxy Alpha making a few appearances in news feeds lately, there’s a lot of speculation as to just what the new device has to offer.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha Specifications Leaked
Earlier this year we started hearing rumors that Samsung is working on a device with a metal body. The company has always stuck with plastic for its flagship Galaxy S series and this rumor led many to believe that perhaps this year the company might stray from tradition. It did not and then we started to hear about a completely different device that was supposedly made out of metal.

Specifications are yet to be confirmed. However, the look and feel of the new Galaxy Alpha with its metal casing will spark a lot of interest, I’m sure. Something a little different from the norm. Here’s an article with a few more images to wet your appetite.

Additional Samsung Galaxy Alpha Photos Surface

A couple of days ago, alleged photos of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Alpha were leaked online. The photos showed off the metal frame of the handset and if you were hoping to see more images, thanks to a recent series of posts by @culeaks, additional photos of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Alpha have leaked online.

It looks attractive from what you can see. We’ll have to wait for the official promotions, but until then, here’s a video as to what consumers are hoping for.

It really is thin! Samsung have been listening to consumers requirements and incorporated them into the design.

So have Apple taken too long to release their next cell phone? With the constant release of Android phones, could this really have an impact on sales for the iPhone 6. I guess we’ll know come September time.

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