Enjoy Physics with Angry Birds Stella!

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We’ve not really talked about game apps for some time now, and with the launch of the new Angry Birds Stella only a matter of weeks away, we thought right now would be appropriate. September 4th should be when the next part of the phenomenally successful franchise game hits the app stores and here’s a post with a featured trailer to give you a taster.

Angry Birds Stella Trailer Now Available
Angry Birds Stella, a new game from Rovio that will be part of the phenomenally successful Angry Birds franchise, was first announced in February earlier this year, with an announcement in June that the game will finally be made available to the masses from September 2014 onward.

We all know how addictive Angry Birds can be to all ages. Parents and children are in competition with each other to get to the next level, making it a household topic of interest. Not to mention, it is actually of educational value. Here’s how…

A lesson in physics while playing a game! Clever. You can also see why it’s so addictive with the instant gratification. You complete something and then move onto the next. With the constant release of a new version of the game, you are left thirsty for more.

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The fact is that Rovio has built an empire of Angry Birds, and it is expanding: Angry Birds Transformers will be coming soon since the Transformers: Age of Extinction movie has swept the globe. The female-oriented Angry Birds Stella should follow later …and more »

We hope everyone has their phone chargers at the ready, as we can see that copious amounts of time will be spent glued to our cell phones. Enjoy your physics lesson everyone.