Samsung is Color Clever

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Have you been keeping a close eye on a potential launch date for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4? Looks like you may not have to wait much longer as there are whispers of a very early September date making the rounds.

Samsung could launch Galaxy Note 4 on September 3: Here’s all you need to know
Samsung’s presence at IFA guarantees one thing, at least based on their past experience at the event. In all likelihood, Berlin will be where Samsung will unveil the much-anticipated Galaxy Note 4. And according to a report in Korea Times, the date of the announced will be September 3 before IFA even kicks off.

Is the next smartphone battle about to commence? The iPhone 6 release isn’t too far behind so it’s all heating up. The Apple/Samsung competition is always an interesting one to watch. Advertising campaigns are emerging from all angles, and consumers are engulfed with a frenzy of technology.

Billboards will be plastered and magazines and newspapers full of advertising. Maybe Samsung will use some of their color changing billboards to persuade consumers to buy their latest devices.

Color-Changing Billboards Correspond with Weather to Influence Emotions – PSFK
Color-Changing Billboards Correspond with Weather to Influence Emotions. If you’ve ever felt blue, seen red or been tickled pink, you know that color is closely linked to our emotions. Samsung wants to prove this with a series of interactive billboards that change color according to the weather.

I wonder if they do, and if you’re in a sunnier place in the world, there would be in increase in sales. The color having an impact on the viewers emotions. An interesting and clever way of advertising perhaps?

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