Babies and iPads!

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It’s not such a shock these days when you see a child with a cell phone. In previous years a youngster with an electronic device such as a phone or a tablet may have raised a few eyebrows. Now they are accepted as an educational tool and more and more parents are being encouraged to let their children get involved in technology. Even at 2 years old!

That is super cute, and demonstrates how parents and children can interact together in learning. Samsung has it’s own Kids Store which includes an array of fun and educational apps. I’m sure the kid in that video would love these…

Updated Samsung Kids Store now offers over 900 apps for children
Samsung has announced an update to their Kids Store, found on select devices. Now with more than 900 interesting, educational and fun child friendly apps. Check it out on your Galaxy S5 or Galaxy Tab S.

With all of these applications available, is it putting pressure on parents to spend more money, so that their child can keep up to date with the latest releases?  There are many free apps out there that kids love too. Here’s a demonstration:-

So this video was made back in September 2013, and one can only imagine that there are so many more available free apps on the market, for kids to get engrossed in. Technology is proving to be an impressive way of developing the mind of a child at a young age. As long as there’s a balance with using electronic devices and physical activity, then we have a generation of very intelligent children emerging.

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