President Unlocks Our Phone Jail Cells

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You’re approaching the end of your cell phone contract and you’re someone who takes care of their technology. Your phone, once you remove the protective case is pretty much like new because you’ve taken all precautions to keep it safe. You’ve still got a great device in your hand, and it does all the things that you want it to do, the only problem is, your network carrier doesn’t and you’re stuck with a locked phone that you can only use if you re-new your existing contract. Well things may be changing…

President Obama To Sign Bill That Makes Cellphone Unlocking Legal
Back in 2013, there was a brief period in time in which unlocking your cellphone would be considered an illegal act. This is because a provision in the Digital Millenium Copyright Act had lapsed, although thankfully there are some in the government who worked swiftly to address that issue.

More flexibility and choice in today’s technology seems to be overwhelming for some if you’re not tech savvy. Unlocking phones being seen as something no longer frowned upon can only be a good thing. It means that those people who still have a healthy, happy cell at the end of their contract can shop around and look for something more competitive. Not everyone wants to upgrade their phone all the time. Many people are happy and familiar in the way that their existing device works, they just want to be able to obtain better value for money when the time comes from their carrier.

5 years in jail and half a million dollars! That’s certainly not a risk worth taking. However, people do take risks and it will be nice to finally think that the chance of being punished for a ‘crime’ that really should not be seen as one, and just a matter of consumer rights, is now being addressed and rectified.

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