Less of the Bulk!

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It looks as though the toughest of all tablets is about to hit the streets. Armed with its own robust casing and not just your standard tablet cover accessory, which are a ‘must’ when protecting your iPad or Galaxy Notebook. The Bobcat Tablet could be just the technology device you’re looking for, if you do a lot of work outdoors or in conditions where your tablet is subject to a knock or two.

Xplore Technologies launches the Bobcat tablet; a rugged Windows 8.1 tablet that measures 21 mm in thickness
If some of us want the lightest tablet on the market, there’s also some people who want a tablet designed to be used in extreme conditions, like workers on a site.

Sounds like the perfect device to take to the beach if you ask me, with its great functionality in extreme temperature conditions and dust and water protection. I don’t think it could quite withstand a dunk in the ocean, it might do, but for that price I don’t think I’d risk it!

Here’s another article with some more information on the Xplore Bobcat, and why it would be the perfect option for other environments (not just the beach), such as warehouses and places of manufacturing and distribution:-

Xplore Technologies Introduces Its Thinner, Lighter, Fully-Rugged Windows Tablet – SYS-CON Media (press release)
Xplore Technologies Corp. (NASDAQ: XPLR), manufacturer of fully-rugged and ultra-rugged tablets, has announced Bobcat—a fully-rugged Windows tablet boasting the most comprehensive standardized interfaces available.

It looks as though we have come a long way with the rugged tablet. Check out this example that was used in 2009:-

Technology has advanced well in such a short space of time. Not only are devices faster and more efficient, they are more robust with less of the bulk. This isn’t the first rugged tablet from Xplore, it’s a design to compliment their existing tablet series. Watch this space!