Trust in Technology

I think I have quite possibly found my limit when it comes to a white knuckle ride! Okay, so maybe this isn’t a ride as such, but it would certainly turn my knuckles white if I tried out this latest technology thrill.

Chicago skyscraper viewing platform tilts visitors over the edge
A new attraction has been installed at a Chicago skyscraper for visitors with a head for heights. 360 Chicago, formerly the John Hancock Observatory, has installed a viewing platform with a difference. Tilt gradually leans visitors out by up to 30 degrees over a 1000 ft (305 m) drop.

As I get older, my fear of heights seems to be increasing at quite an alarming rate. Once a girl who would quite happily strap herself into the highest of roller coasters  and not bat an eyelid, I now get a little jittery when I climb a flight of open plan stairs!

So how much trust do we put into technology? We do every single day, from the moment we climb into our vehicles to travel to the store, to relying on our cell phone alarm clock waking us up for work each morning. Obviously anyone wanting to experience ‘360 Chicago’ has every faith in its capabilities and they should, because if it wasn’t safe, it quite simply wouldn’t be allowed.

I can honestly say that you will NEVER get me on that either! I’m keeping my feet firmly on the ground! I think I would also be super paranoid to lose my cell phone and I don’t think that a protective cell phone accessory case will prevent a phone smashing into a million pieces from that height, even if there are some fantastic ones out there.

On that note, I think I’ll go and watch one of my favorite movies, Alfred Hitchcocks ‘Vertigo’.