Step Away From the Scio!

There’s a new piece of technology making its way onto the market that enables you to scan pretty much everything you see to find out what it’s made up of.  Using the scientific “molecular spectrometer” a near-infrared light shines onto the object which gets the molecules vibrating and the light bouncing here, there and everywhere, causing each object to have it’s own optical signature. The below blog post explains it far better than I can:-

Scio: This device tells you the chemical makeup of your food, drinks, and pills
The spectrometer figures out what the object is based on the infrared light that reflects back to the scanner. Most objects have different absorption rates, as they vibrate at different levels on the molecular scale. The app takes the data and compares it to a cloud-based database of objects in a distant data center. When it gets a match, it sends the results to the user’s smartphone.

So basically, it can tell you if what’s written on the label is in fact true?  I wondered why those diet meals didn’t seem to be working. Maybe they are not as low in calories as I thought they were! Here’s some more information as to how Scio works:-

Meet SCiO, the handheld scanner that IDs the molecules of food and … – PCWorld (blog)
Comparing SCiO’s numbers to the cheesemaker’s published nutritional information, the sensor was within 10 percent of each advertised metric. It felt like science fiction. And it made me want to SCiO the hell out of anything else I could find.

It seems that scanning items with our cell phones is the way of the future. With a cell phone accessory such as the Scio, we can find out even more.  It started with with the QR code (although I’m pretty sure there are things prior to that we were using our phones to scan) and it’s now moving on to our food. Soon we will be scanning everything.

Maybe not to the extreme of that commercial, but you get my point! Plus I really shouldn’t have reminded myself of chocolate. That won’t help my diet in the slightest.

I do think it’s a really useful tool though, and I find scanning my food into my fitness apps on my cell phone quite addictive. Maybe I should “Step away from the Scio!”