Amazon Gets Smart With A Smartphone

Amazon is the place to go for anything these days.  I don’t mean the rainforest of course, or the nation of female warriors in greek mythology, I mean the online retailer! The website you visit when you are looking for pretty much anything under the sun, from electronics to books, gardening tools to vehicles. You name it Amazon pretty much has everything, except…for a smartphone!

What to expect from an Amazon smartphone
We’ve heard about at least one smartphone being made by Amazon for years now, but there has never been an announcement to follow those (numerous) leaks and rumors.

It appears as though plans are in place to get a device on the market in the not too distant future, using the Android OS but with Amazon’s very own spin on it, so that it doesn’t seem like an android at all.

The 3D camera effect looks interesting, but will that additional feature be enough to deal with the competition from its competitors?

Amazon’s New 3D Smartphone Could Disrupt These Businesses – Motley Fool
The device will reportedly display stereoscopic 3D images that can be viewed without 3D glasses. The report also states that Amazon has placed an initial order of 600,000 units from one of its suppliers.

So are the big dogs such as Apple and Samsung ready for the competition? Following the release of the Samsung Galaxy S5, it looks like Samsung are already planning for the Galaxy S6 to have a similar 3d camera feature.

New Samsung Galaxy S6 Concept Image Packs 3D Camera with 8K Video … – International Business Times AU
The latest Samsung Galaxy S6 concept image showed off a 3D camera at the back that can capture 8K video recording. The new render was created by Mesut G Designs. According to Concept Phones, the device boasted a 21 megapixel camera with …

With a new smartphone entering the market, there will be space for all sorts of new technology add ons and cell phone accessory designs. This one is an exciting one to keep an eye on. I’ll report more, when I know more.