Urban Armor Gear iPhone 5c Case Review

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Pro’s: Transparent, slim design, light-weight, included screen protector, durable drop protection, one solid piece.

Con’s: Industrial Look, no belt clip or holster.

Recommendation:  The Urban Armor Gear iPhone 5c case lets you protect your phone and keep your style.

Price: $29.95 from DiscountCell.com

Urban Armor Gear iPhone 5c Case Review

The iPhone 5c is the first and only iPhone available in 5 different colors.  Now for the first time, you can customize the color of your iPhone to fit your unique personality.

Unfortunately, displaying the color of your new iPhone 5c also means leaving your phone unprotected without a case.  This is a major problem because iPhones are notorious for breaking or cracking when dropped from even small heights.

Luckily, Urban Armor Gear created a solution with their new transparent case for iPhone 5c.

The Urban Armor Gear iPhone 5c case offers all of the quality drop protection found in previous  case designs while still allowing full visibility and display of the iPhone 5c’s unique color scheme.

The inner part of the case features a hexagonal pattern that creates little air pockets to protect the iPhone 5c from shock, impact, and other force damage.

Urban Armor Gear iPhone 5c Case

On the outside of the case, each of the four corners has additional silicon that act as bumpers.  Also, the clear polycarbonate case features a shock-absorbing design that adds to the case’s overall protection.

In addition to showing color, the Urban Armor Gear iPhone 5c case allows access to all of the iPhone’s speakers, cameras, ports, and buttons.  The touch screen is also fully accessible and uninhibited by side bumpers that often make it difficult to swipe on the screen from the sides and corners.

Urban Armor Gear iPhone 5c Case

Installation is also very easy.  Because the whole case is one solid piece, simply slide in the phone and it’s ready to go.


The Urban Armor Gear iPhone 5c case is a great option if you are looking for a solid, one-piece case that provides a high level of drop protection without covering up your phone’s unique color.

For more information, visit DiscountCell.com.