Samsung Galaxy S5 Accessories Review

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Everyone is anxiously awaiting the release of the highly-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S5.  With a fingerprint scanner, heart-rate monitor, and built-in dust and water protection, there is a lot to look forward to.

However, while  the Samsung Galaxy S5 will guard against dust and water, it will not have any additional drop protection.  In order to keep your phone protected and working great for years (or at least until the Galaxy s6 is released), you need some quality Samsung Galaxy S5 Accessories.

What Type of Samsung Galaxy S5 Accessories Should I Get? has over 65 quality cases for the Samsung Galaxy S5.  However, which case you choose all depends on what you plan on doing with your Samsung Galaxy S5.

For example, if you just plan on using your Samsung Galaxy S5 indoors and want to protect against scratches and the occasional drop, then the Incipio NGP case is a good option.  The Incipio NGP (Next Generation Polymer) Case is a thin, flexible, silicon-polymer membrane that stretches over the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Accessories

Incipio NGP Case

However, if you plan on using your Samsung Galaxy S5 outside, then you may want a little bit more rugged protection.  The Ballistic Tough Jacket Max and the OtterBox Defender both feature dual-layer shock protection and built-in screen protectors.

The first layer of protection is made out of shock absorbing silicon while the second outer layer is made out of a durable, rigid polycarbonate shell.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Accessories

The Ballistic Tough Jacket Max (left) and the OtterBox Defender(right)

Charging Options

Also, when shopping for Samsung Galaxy S5 accessories, don’t forget to invest in a quality charger.  Note I said quality and not expensive.  A good charger should be reliable yet inexpensive, as chargers often get left behind in hotel rooms and rental vehicles. has over 50 different charging options available for the Samsung Galaxy s5, with the least expensive model priced at only $3.95.

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