Galaxy Tab 7 OtterBox Defender Case Review

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Pro’s: Durable 3-layer drop protection, quality screen protection, access to all buttons, speakers, cameras, and ports
Con’s: Heavy, bulky, difficult installation, too much force required to open stand.
Recommendation: If you don’t mind the extra bulk, the OtterBox Defender is a great option to protect your Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0.

Dimensions: 20 cm (7.87 inch) x 13 cm (5.11 inch) x 3 cm (1.18 inch)
Price: $49.95 at

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 OtterBox Defender Review:

Galaxy 7 OtterBox Defender CaseThe Galaxy Tab 7 OtterBox Defender Case provides the same high-level, multi-layer protection that you would expect from any other OtterBox product.  First, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 is cushioned by a soft microfiber lining to protect the back of the tablet from scratches.

Second, the front of the case features an integrated screen-protector to guard against scratches, smudges, and other damage.

Third, a hard, polycarbonate layer adds structural support and additional shock protection.  Then, a soft yet durable shock-absorbing silicon layer encloses the entire case except for the screen.  Together, the soft silicon and hard polycarbonate layers provide significant drop and shock protection, protecting the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 from drops several feet high.

To add even more protection, the Galaxy Tab 7 OtterBox Defender Case comes with a removable hard-plastic screen protector that doubles as a viewing stand.  When placed over the screen, this additional layer protects against scratches, and even puncture damage from sharp objects.

Galaxy 7 Tab OtterBox Defender Case

The removable screen cover doubles as a viewing stand.

When removed and used as a viewing stand, the tablet can be placed in either a vertical or horizontal viewing orientation.

However, although the Galaxy Tab 7 OtterBox Defender case does provide very high quality drop protection, the case is heavy, bulky, and difficult to install. Also, the viewing stand is very stiff and requires a lot of force to open and set up.


If extra bulk and weight are not an issue, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 OtterBox Defender Case is an excellent choice to protect your tablet from drops, scratches, and just about any other hazard that could cause damage.  The only thing that the OtterBox Defender does not protect against is water.

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