Who are the Texting-while-Driving Culprits?

Adults or Teens?

CBS reports that adults are guilty. Not only are adults guilty of texting while driving more often than teens, they also use their cell phones more, even when in the fast lane!

texting-while-driving-will-merydithLet’s face it, even though most people know that all the evidence clearly states that  it isn’t safe to be looking at your cell phone while driving your car, a lot of people still do it! So anyone who texts or emails while driving is putting their own life and the lives of others in danger… period!

There are lots of distractions when you are one the road. Looking for the perfect CD or iTunes mix, having a difficult discussion with your honey or kids while negotiating several lanes of traffic going above posted speeds, spilling your latte on your lap… all kinds of things can disrupt your safe journey.

We can print all kinds of statistics, but here’s one of the scariest bits of information. Car crashes rank among the leading causes of death in the US. AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety states: “In the quarter century from 1988 through 2012, the lives of 1,018,581 men, women, and children have ended violently as the result of motor vehicle crashes in the United States.”

That’s a lot of folks, making cars perhaps the most dangerous thing on earth. And the advent of cell phones has simply made for more casualties on the road. The use of common sense doesn’t just pertain to who is calling you or who you want to text or the email you want to read… it’s a community responsibility!  Here are some basic common sense deal breakers when you are driving:

  • Do not text (or email) while driving. Period.
  • Use a hands-free option to talk on the phone while driving. A University of Utah study implies driving while talking on a cell phone reduces a driver’s response time to the same levels observed in drunk drivers and “old folks.”

Grown-ups… our teens are watching us as they learn to make their own choices. Let’s be safe out there!



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