Samsung Galaxy OtterBox Commuter Wallet Review

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Samsung Galaxy OtterBox Commuter Wallet Fast Facts:

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Pro’s: Innovative discrete wallet function, quality dual-layer drop protection, included screen protector, multiple colors.
Con’s: Slippery grip, limited wallet capacity.
Recommendation:  The OtterBox Commuter Wallet for the Samsung Galaxy S4 is a great accessory for people who only carry around 1-3 cards but is insufficient to completely replace a wallet if you carry cash.

Manufacturer: OtterBox
Dimensions: 14.1 cm (5 5/8 inch) x 7.7 cm (3 1/16 inch) x 1.8 cm (3/4 inch).
Price: $39.95 on

Samsung Galaxy OtterBox Commuter WalletProtection

As with all OtterBox products, the Samsung Galaxy OtterBox Commuter Wallet offers quality drop, shock, and scratch protection.

The Samsung Galaxy Otterbox Commuter Wallet features three distinct levels of protection.  First, a shock-absorbent silicon layer covers the back, sides, and front bezel of the phone.  Then, a rigid hard plastic case covers the silicon layer to protect the Samsung Galaxy S4 from pressure damage.  Lastly, an adhesive screen protector is included to guard the Samsung Galaxy S4′s screen from scratches and other damage.

Together, these three levels provide durable protection against a variety of different hazards to make sure that your phone stays safe, regardless of the situation.

Samsung Galaxy OtterBox Commuter WalletFunctionality

As mentioned before, the Samsung Galaxy OtterBox Commuter Wallet is a good option for people who only carry around their license and maybe one or two other cards.  However, there is not enough storage space to carry around cash or more than 3 cards in total.

Cards can be placed into the wallet feature of the case by sliding down the cover located on the back.  If you want to store a credit card or another card with raised print or numbering, the card must be placed face-down to avoid catching on the case and closing improperly.

Samsung Galaxy OtterBox Commuter WalletCash does not fit well in the Samsung Galaxy S4 OtterBox Commuter Wallet.  Cash is difficult to access and tends to wad up or catch in the slide feature of the case.

With that said, the Samsung Galaxy OtterBox Commuter Wallet is very good at carrying credit cards.  A little lever on the inside of the case pushes down and the cards and keeps them from moving around making noise or getting damaged inside the case.  Also, the little lever makes it easy to pull out a single card or store 1-3 cards without slipping.

The wallet portion of the cell phone case is very discrete and un-revealing, keeping your credit card and other sensitive information safe and secure.

In regards to the overall feel of the case, some have criticized the outside coating of being too slippery, leading to frequent dropping.  However, The slippery coating is a great feature if the case is carried in a pocket, allowing for easy access and storage.


The Samsung Galaxy S4 OtterBox Commuter Wallet is a great accessory if you plan on only carrying around 1-3 cards.  However, if you intend on carrying cash or more cards, then the OtterBox Commuter Wallet does not have enough capacity to replace a traditional wallet.

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