Belkin Executive Folio for iPad Air Review

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Belkin Executive Business Folio Fast Facts:

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Pro’s:  Professional look, light-weight, multiple viewing positions, auto-wake magnets.
Con’s: insufficient drop protection, no dust or dirt protection.
Recommendation:  The Belkin Executive Business Folio provides professional-looking protection and portability for the iPad Air.  However, if you plan on taking your tablet outside or are prone to dropping it you may want to go with more rugged case.

Manufacturer: Belkin
Dimensions: 19.7 cm (7 3/4 inch) x 24.8 cm (9 3/4 inch) x 2 cm (3/4 inch).
Price: $42.95 on

Belkin Executive Folio for iPad Air Review

Belkin Executive Folio

The Belkin Executive Folio is an excellent accessory for use in the office. The elastic hand strap makes it easy to hold your iPad Air while working online or presenting to clients.  The built-in business card and stylus holders are also nice features that add to the productivity and utility of the case.


The Executive Folio offers basic drop, scratch, and screen protection when closed but that’s about it.

The case is lined with soft micro-fiber to protect the iPad Air from scratches, both on the screen and on the body of the tablet.

However, one of the downsides of the Belkin Executive Folio is the fact that the case does not offer any screen protection when open.  To address this issue, I recommend pairing the Belkin executive Folio with a good adhesive screen protector.

Also, the Belkin Executive Folio does not protect against dust or water damage regardless if the case is open or closed.

Belkin Executive FolioFunctionality

The Belkin Executive Folio includes several features to enhance the functionality of the iPad Air.

First, the Belkin Executive Folio has holes and access to all of the various ports, cameras, and buttons on the iPad Air.  Also, the case features a special elastic hand strap for convenient carrying and one-handed tablet use.  To increase convenience even more, the case features two business card pockets right next to the hand strap on the inside of the case.

In addition to working as a portfolio, the Belkin Executive Folio doubles as a viewing stand.  Once opened the case can be positioned in four distinct viewing angles.  Two rubber stoppers on the bottom of the tablet cradle ensure that the iPad stays in place while positioned in each angle.

Lastly, a series of magnets work to both keep the case securely closed while in transit and to “wake up” the iPad Air when opened.

Installation is very easy.  Simply snap the iPad Air into the tablet cradle inside the case and you are ready to go.


The Belkin Executive Folio offers a professional look and increased functionality that are great for use in the office. However, if you are looking for more thorough protection, I recommend investing in either an OtterBox or LifeProof case.

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