iPhone 5 Bluetooth Slideout Keyboard Review

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iPhone 5 Bluetooth Slideout Keyboard Fast Facts:

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Pro’s:  Full QWERTY keyboard, backlight, built-in battery, quick installation.
Con’s: Bulky, heavy, expensive, shows fingerprints easily.
Recommendation:  A high quality keyboard accessory if you don’t mind paying the price and carrying around the extra weight and bulk.

Manufacturer: Naztech

Exterior: 4.98in x 2.41in x 0.69in.

Price: $49.95 on DiscountCell.com.

iPhone 5 Bluetooth Slideout Keyboard Review

iPhone 5 Bluetooth Slideout Keyboard

For many, the switch to smartphones from Blackberries was a breath of fresh air that sparked a revolution in mobile productivity.  For others, especially for those who had grown accustomed to checking and sending emails on a Blackberry device, the change came as an unwanted annoyance.

Where’s my Keyboard?

The number one complaint heard from former Blackberry users when iPhone and Android took over the mobile phone market was “Why did they get rid of the little keyboard?”

It’s true, eliminating the tiny keyboard on the bottom half of mobile phones has opened the door to larger screen sizes and increased productivity.  However, many complain that the touch screen keyboard on smartphones takes up too much of the screen and is too prone to typos.  As one businessman put it:

iPhone 5 Bluetooth Slideout Keyboard“It’s too hard to see what I am typing.  And even if I could, I can’t feel the buttons on this little screen and tell what key I am actually hitting.  I miss the keyboard on my old phone.”

While many die-hard Blackberry users have tried to stick with their old phones for as long as possible, the proliferation of iOS and Android software has made it necessary to change operating systems or be left behind.

Is the convenience of actually typing with a keyboard a thing of the past?  Will everyone have to switch to a touchscreen keyboard to send emails on the go?

The Solution

iPhone 5 Bluetooth Slideout Keyboard

The Naztech iPhone 5 Bluetooth Slideout Keyboard bridges the gap between the productivity of iOS and the familiarity of a Blackberry keyboard.  Now you can enjoy all of the latest apps on your iPhone 5 and still enjoy the feel of a physical keyboard while typing.

The iPhone 5 Bluetooth Slideout Keyboard features a backlight to allow typing in the dark.  Also, the Slideout Keyboard has its own 260 mAh battery that can be used for 60 hours of typing after an initial 2 hour charge.

The keyboard itself has a comfortable feel to it that maximizes both the size of the keys and the space between each key.  The space bar is particularly easy to use, as are the various secondary function keys which are available by pressing either of the two command buttons on the bottom of the keyboard.

The only downsides to the iPhone 5 Bluetooth Slideout Keyboard are the increased size and wieght, the shiny finish that shows fingerprints easily, and the high price tag.


No more will you have to guess what you are typing on a touchscreen keyboard or have to give up half of your screen space every time you want to enter text.  With a Bluetooth slide out keyboard, you get the same comfortable feel you have with your Blackberry with the increased function and productivity of a smartphone.

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