Suckered Into The World of Flappy Bird


Last week I wrote a post about the extremely frustrating game known as ‘Flappy Bird’. Well within the week the creator has now taken it away from the app stores claiming that it’s too addictive. Now I can see how it would be, however I gave up within the first 30 mins of having an attempt and never went back to it. I knew from the moment I started that it would drive me insane, and so therefore left it be.

I can’t believe people are selling their Smartphones on eBay as they think the devices that have it installed will be a collectors item!

Flappy Bird smartphone sellers told to pipe down on eBay
Auction site cites rule demanding devices must be reset to factory settings before going on sale – stalling bird app resale plans that had seen huge bids.

That surely has to be a joke! I cannot believe for one moment that bids actually reached that amount, if they were genuine bids then that is seriously crazy. Are our legs being pulled here? I really am absolutely amazed by this madness. People that need their “fix” can now go online and play for free.

Flappy Bird online: get your fix for free without an app
Users can now play Flappy Bird online for free, thanks to a plethora of sites, including one that works on a smartphone.

I’m going to go and try to digest this craziness, by having another go at the game, and see if it really is that addictive.  If you don’t hear from me next week then I’ve been suckered into the world of Flappy Bird!