Alcatel Sparq II Accessories Review

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In this article, we will discuss how to find Alcatel Sparq II Accessories.

About the Alcatel Sparq II

Although Nokia, Motorola, and the other large cell phone manufacturers have focused their efforts almost entirely on developing new smartphones, Alcatel continues to expand on their family of “non-smart” mobile devices.

The Alcatel Sparq II is a good example.  The Sparq II is a non-Android, non-iOS device similar to what you would expect to see from LG or Motorola back in 2005.  The phone does not have a touch screen but does feature a full slide out QWERTY keyboard.

While not state of the art by any means, the Alcatel Sparq II is a good option for organizations that are trying to supply their employees with a reliable cell phone without a lot of frills.  Also, the Alcatel Sparq II is also widely sold as a prepaid phone.

Alcatel Sparq II Accessories

Acatel Sparq II Accessories

Because of the slide out keyboard, it is difficult to find Alcatel Sparq II accessories.  Your best bet is to purchase a quality pouch that will fit the phone and offer it some protection.

The Decoro cover fit pouch is a good choice for everyday use at home or in the office.  The pouch is constructed out of a quality imitation leather and securely closes with a magnet.  Also, the back of the pouch features a 3-point belt clip.

While not to the same extent as a Lifeproof of OtterBox case, the Decoro pouch does offer a fair amount of padding that will protect your phone if dropped.


Alcatel Sparq II Accessories

Two more good choices if you are looking for Alcatel Sparq II accessories are the Large Cargo Clip Case by Nite Ize and the Naztech Gladiator II.  Both of these cases are more rugged then the Decoro cover fit pouch and are great for use outside.

Also, both of these cases feature large and durable belt clips that fit well onto police duty belts and construction tool belts.


Whether you plan on using the Alcaltel Sparq II indoors at the office or outside at the job site, it is important that you protect your phone with a quality pouch.  For more information or to purchase these pouches or other Alcatel Sparq II accessories, visit