‘Flappy Bird’ Will Not Defeat Me!

I’ve just downloaded the game ‘Flappy Bird’ onto my phone and it’s SO hard! I can’t even get through the first pipe! Now I’m not much of a gamer so this will take hours of frustrating practice I imagine but already after 5 minutes I’m getting rather competitive and annoyed with myself all at the same time.

Flappy Bird breaks 50M downloads, generates $50K per day
Flappy Bird, the unexpected smash hit from Dong Nguyen of dotGears, is breaking records for its atmospheric climb to the top of iOS App Store charts. Not only does Dong have the #1 app on the free iOS Apps list, his other games have risen to #4 and #11, an unprecedented feat for an indie developer.

Wow! He earns $50,000.00 each day due to advertisements on the game! Now that’s a way to earn a living.

The 8-bit graphics do bring back a sense of nostalgia to the old arcade games. I used to spend hours watching my brother play The Simpsons game, feeding in his pocket money to try and get to the next level.

I think he eventually got his hands on  a version of the game to play on his console, so that he stopped wasting his money in the arcade. It’s making a return though as these games are now available for you to play on your cell phone. There are also so many references to Apple products featured in The Simpsons episodes, some subtle and some more obvious.

Every Apple reference ever made in Futurama and The Simpsons – tuaw.com
Every Apple reference ever made in Futurama and The Simpsons. What’s more, Futurama co-creator David X. Cohen is a professed Apple enthusiast who, in the early 1980s, developed a game called Zoid for the Apple II in assembly language.

I really didn’t realize that there were so many references. Next time I watch an episode I’ll be keeping my eye out.

On that note I think I’ll be getting back to my attempt of ‘Flappy Bird’ as I’m determined to get through that first pipe. This is going to prove addictive isn’t it!