Living in Lego Land

How incredibly cool is it that you can now “virtually” play with Lego! As a girl I was always more into My Little Pony or Rainbow Bright, but did have a little envy at my brother making pretty awesome stuff with Lego. I should have just got involved and started building. Maybe I’ll take up that hobby now but via the internet. Check this out…

Now, build your own Lego structures on Google Chrome
No matter how old you are, you will always remain a Lego fan. The good folks over at Google seem to share the same sentiment and have released a virtual Lego playground for you to build and while away your time on the Web.   The project is called Build with Chrome…

As soon as I’ve finished this post, I am definitely checking that out. Could be dangerous though as I imagine it could be a real time suck and I’m a busy lady!

Hopefully I won’t get too obsessed and want to build my own real Lego house like in that video. It does look pretty cool though. Imagine what you can design and build whilst you’re on the move. You can really get stuck into this on your  tablet.

LEGO’s Build with Chrome lets you play with 3D bricks – Softonic EN

LEGO’s Build with Chrome lets you play with 3D bricksSoftonic ENThe web app works in desktop versions of Chrome as well as on Chrome for Android. Build with Chrome leverages social networking via Google+ to share your creations with your friends.

If you’re on the go too and want a keyboard for your tablet that makes your life a bit easier with building your empire then check out the Universal StealthPro 10 inch Keyboard Folio. I shouldn’t encourage really and get on with some work, but I really can’t wait to have a play on this!