What is Google Glass?

I’m just reading up about Google Glass. I’d heard of it before but I’m not really too sure as to what it does. My friend Wikipedia comes up with the following description:-

“Google Glass is a wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display (OHMD) that is being developed by Google in the Project Glass research and development project, with a mission of producing a mass-market ubiquitous computer. Google Glass displays information in a smartphone-like hands-free format, that can communicate with the Internet via natural language voice commands.”

Okay, so I’m a little clearer now as to what it actually does, and I’ve found this video that shows me a little more…

That is quite cool I must admit, however I’m a little apprehensive. I’m all for technology and for making life easier for ourselves, but is this taking it just a little bit too far to be constantly immersed in our cell phone? I’m guilty enough as it is at picking my phone up constantly and checking it, even when I’m with company, only to find that I get my dad reminding me that I’m being rude and “can’t I leave my phone alone for 5 minutes!”

So will we be getting too dependent on being constantly in sync with our handheld devices?

Google Glass wearer removed from AMC theater under suspicion of recording
Despite the many uses for Google Glass, this new class of wearable devices is inevitably meeting some growing pains (pictured above is 7’3″ Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert, a Glass wearer who has experienced some growing pains)…

That story to me is a prime example of using technology at a time when you just don’t need to be using it. I use going to the theater as a form of escape from my cell phone. It’s probably the only time it gets turned off, other than when I go to sleep at night. Saying that though Google Glass and the vast array of other cell phone accessories that are on the market are pretty impressive, and I’d love to have a try, just to see what it’s capabilities are.