Motorola Moto G Accessories Live Broadcast

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In this week’s live broadcast, we will review several Motorola Moto G Accessories available from  To be a part of this live event, tune in this Friday at 1PM by clicking here.

The Motorola Moto G is a quality smartphone available at an exceptionally low price.  For less than $180 you get a 4.5″ HD display screen, fast quad core processing, and an Android 4.3 platform for running apps.

To increase the Motorola Moto G’s value even more, offers a wide variety of Motorola Moto G Accesssories to power up, protect, and enhance the performance of the phone.

Motorola Moto G Accessories Chargers

Two of the more than fifty Motorola Moto G charging options available on

Power Up with these Charging Options

During Friday’s live event, we will take a closer look at the more than 50 charging options available from  Whether you are looking for a charger that works inside your vehicle, in your office, or both, we will talk about it on Friday.

We will also discuss the major price differences between chargers from and from other vendors.  For example, offers micro USB chargers starting at just $3.95 while other vendors such as Best Buy offer similar products for $20.

Lastly, we will take a look at several alternative power options for the Motorola Moto G.  One of the few complaints about the phone is it’s short battery life.  To address this concern, we will take a look at portable power banks and other alternatives that allow you to charge your phone without connecting to a charger or an electrical outlet.

Motorola Moto G Accessories OtterBox Case

Motorola Moto G OtterBox Case. Lifeproof has announced a custom case as well.

Cases and Pouches

Becuase the Motorola Moto G is expected to be so popular due to its low price, many of the large name-brand case manufacturers like OtterBox and Lifeproof have already either released or announced custom phone cases.

For example, the picture to the right shows the Motorola Moto G version of the OtterBox Defender, the #1 selling cell phone case in the US.  By investing in a high quality phone case, you can maximize your Motorola Moto G’s value even more by ensuring that it lasts for years.

During our broadcast, we will discuss both specifically designed cases for the Motorola Moto G like the OtterBox Defender and Lifeproof cases in addition to more universal cases and pouches like the Naztech Gladiator.  We will also talk about how certain cases work best in certain situations and how you can pick the right model based upon your specific needs.


Friday’s live broadcast will be an information-filled event completely dedicated to Motorola Moto G Accessories.  By the end of our discussion, you will know how to power up, protect, and enhance the performance of your Motorola Moto G with the right accessories.

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