Live Broadcast: Nokia Lumia 1520 Accessories

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We’d like to give a big thanks to everyone who participated in our live event today.

If you weren’t able to make it, it’s OK!  The following is a link to the video.

During our live broadcast, we reviewed a series of Nokia Lumia 1520 accessories from that offer high-quality features at low cost.

First, we looked at the main product page for Nokia Lumia 1520 accessories on and highlighted some key products.

Cases and Pouches

Because the Nokia Lumia 1520 is so large (6 inch display screen), we decided to highlight cases and pouches that were especially designed to fit the bigger sized phone.

In particular, we looked at the Naztech Gladiator series.  The Gladiator series has been called the “World’s toughest phone case.”  While that may or may not be true, it certainly does provide a high level of protection for the Nokia Lumia 1520.

The Naztech Gladiator is particularly popular with law enforcement because of the unique belt clip that is the perfect size for patrol belts.  Also, the case comes in 4 colors well-suited for police work: black, black patrol weave, desert tan, and NATO camouflage.

Charging Options

We then discussed how although the Nokia Lumia 1520 has the ability to charge via a wireless charger, that in practice it is still more convenient, economical, and efficient to use a traditional micro-usb charger.

We then went back to the Nokia Lumia 1520 Accessories page and looked at the over 50 available charging options starting from just $3.95.


We hope that you can join us for our next live event.  In the meantime, be sure to check out more quality Nokia Lumia 1520 Accessories and product reviews at

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