Smartphone Snapshot

It’s an exciting time in the world of photography. I took a Diploma in the subject a number of years ago, as I realized just how much I loved taking photos and wanted to learn more on a professional level. However, I lost a bit of my “photography mojo” when I saw how easy it was for people to create an awesome image just by using an app on their Smartphone. I guess I got a little frustrated that I’d studied how to produce something of that nature, then technology beat me to it with the click of a button. However, I’m turning my thoughts around and starting to embrace the capabilities of not only Smartphone photography but Tablet photography too.


This guy is producing some fantastic photographs with his Smartphone. I guess once I got over the frustration of how long it took me to learn the skill, and then have it made so easy and accessible to everyone, I gave myself a talking to in the fact that I was being ridiculous. I now love that images are now so visible to all across the internet, and gives everyone a chance to express themselves through photography. It helps inspire, learn from and share.  So really I’m grateful for this advance in technology.

Moment’s smartphone lenses bring the professional photography experience to iPhones, iPads, and Galaxies
Here’s what you already know about the photography market in 2014: As the demand for smartphone cameras continues to surge, the market for dedicated point-and-shoots is shrinking just as quickly.

This also leads onto the fact that there are developments in gadgets and accessories for your cell phone  that will help you to capture the moment wherever you see it. Everyone has their phone on them at all times right? Which leads to photographic opportunities at all times. If you can just add a quick lens by digging into your pocket, rather than having to carry around the bulk of your kit at all times, it means those moments can always be captured.

Happy snapping everyone, let’s look through the eye of the lens!