Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Accessories

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The most important accessories that you can buy to make sure that your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 lasts a long time are a quality case, a good charger, and a screen protector.  Additional products that you can buy to enhance the quality and performance of your tablet include wireless auxiliary keyboards and speakers.

In this review, we will be looking at some of the various Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Accessories available from

Charging Options

The first of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Accessories that we will be reviewing are a series of charging options.

When purchasing a charger, you have three main criteria:

1.) How long will it take to charge my tablet with this device?
2.) Is this charger safe to use?
3.) How much does it cost?

The Amperage of the charger determines how fast a device charges.  For example, a 2.1 amp charger will charge the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 twice as fast as a 1 amp charger.

A good charger will have an auto shutoff that guards against both overheating and overcharging.

In regards to price, it all depends on what you want your charger to do.  More simple options with shorter cables will cost less while more complicated options with longer cables cost more.

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The next of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Accessories that we will be taking a look at are a selection of different cases.  With tablet cases, the key is finding the right balance between protection and function.

The OtterBox Defender provides the most protection, offering a built-in screen protector in addition to comprehensive drop and shock protection.

On the function and style side, Speck offers a slim portfolio case that serves also as a typing stand and viewing platform for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

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Auxiliary Produts

The last Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Accessories that we will demonstrate today are a group of auxiliary products that are designed to enhance the performance of your tablet.

While the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has an impressive sound system considering its small size, the volume and sound quality are limited.  To enhance the sound output, we recommend paring the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with a compact, Bluetooth-enabled speaker.

DiscoutCell has over 30 different Bluetooth speakers to choose from, starting from just $30.

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Choosing the right Samsung Galaxy Note 8 accessories can greatly enhance the lifespan and function of your tablet.  The accessories offered from have the right mix between price, quality, and function to ensure that you get the most out of your Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

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