Eye have the Power!

Technology never ceases to amaze and baffle me all at the same time. I like to think that I “keep up with the times” but things change so quickly these days, you blink and the next “all singing, all dancing” gadget, phone, tablet or music device is already heading towards consumers, before the previous edition has had time to get out of it’s packaging! I recently joined the Samsung club and opted for a Galaxy S4. I’ve only had it a couple of months and it’s great, and from what I understood it was pretty new on the market then. However it looks like the Galaxy S5 is at the starting blocks and ready for the pistol to fire.

Samsung Galaxy S5 May Have Eye Scanner, Will Arrive By April
Samsung Electronics Co. (005930) will release its Galaxy S5 smartphone by April and is studying using eye scanner technology for the first time as it readies the high-end handset to compete with Apple Inc. (AAPL)’s iPhones.

Eye Scanners!! I’m not sure if I’m scared by this or excited. Great on a security level though, I guess a little like the fingerprint recognition that the latest iPhone has? I know the current S4 has an eye tracking facility (not that I’ve used it yet), so it can tell what you are looking at and if you are still looking at the screen. The future that we only thought possible as demonstrated in the movies is upon us! Thought I’d have a look and see how it actually works in regards to identity.

That’s some seriously clever stuff! Technology really is incredible, and to think that this sort of revolutionary development will soon be available to each and every one of us, in a vital part of our everyday technology! No longer is it just for the likes of James Bond or Government Agencies, we can all have a piece of the action,  not to mention all the toys and accessories you can already get for your current phone model.

Generic Samsung Accessories Review Video
Generic Samsung Accessories Review Video appeared first on DiscountCell Reviews.In this review, we will look at some of the various generic products available for Samsung devices. Generic accessories are a smart option for businesses and government agencies because they  reduce costs without lowering productivity.

From writing this post, I realize how much potential I hold in my hands, with a piece of technology that I use every day. I just need to take advantage of that and explore it’s capabilities more than I have been.

Right…time to have some fun with the S4 eye tracker!