OtterBox Impact vs. OtterBox Commuter

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This review compares the OtterBox Impact and OtterBox Commuter phone cases for the iPhone 4/4s.

In general, the OtterBox Impact offers more drop protection while the OtterBox Commuter looks  more stylish.  The following will review the pros and cons of both designs.

OtterBox Impact

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OtterBox Impact


The OtterBox Impact offers a fair amount of protection.  First, the case is constructed out of a soft, flexible silicon that absorbs shock upon impact.  Furthermore, the Otterbox Impact includes a screen protector that guards against scratches.

Installation is very quick and easy.  Simply place the screen protector over the screen and then stretch the flexible silicone case over the rest of the phone.

Lastly, the Otterbox Impact is very affordable, costing only $20.


While the OtterBox Impact’s soft silicone shell offers basic shock protection, the soft case adds no structural support to the iPhone.  If the phone is crushed or put under pressure, the OtterBox impact does not offer any protection and the phone will be destroyed.

Also, the Otterbox Impact is a dust magnet.  The silicone case attracts dust, dirt, and lint that are very difficult to clean off.  As a result, the case always looks dirty, especially after it is placed inside of a pocket or a bag.  This is especially an issue because the OtterBox Impact does not come with a belt clip and can only be carried in a bag or in a pocket.

OtterBox Commuter

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OtterBox Commuter


The OtterBox Commuter offers even more protection for the iPhone than the Otterbox Impact in addition to adding an element of style.

While the Otterbox Impact only has one layer of protection, the Commuter features two: a soft silicone inside and a hard polycarbonate shell outside.

Installation is also very easy.  Just separate the two layers, insert the phone into the silicone inner layer, and then replace the polycarbonate outer layer.

The OtterBox Commuter is available in 6 different colors and features a hard, polycarbonate shell that does not attract dirt, lint, or dust.


The main downsides to the OtterBox Commuter are the lack of a belt clip and the limited protection from shock damage.  While the OtterBox Commuter will protect the iPhone from minor falls up to several feet, the hard outer case does not absorb as much shock as the OtterBox Impact.

Also, with a price of about $35, the OtterBox Commuter is a little more expensive than the OtterBox Impact.


While both the OtterBox Impact and the OtterBox Commuter guard against shock damage, the OtterBox Commuter’s dual layers provide superior protection by offering additional structural support.  Also, the OtterBox Commuter does not attract dirt and comes in a wider variety of colors.

However, the OtterBox Impact is 35% less expensive than the OtterBox Commuter and is quicker and easier to install.

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