The Low-Down on Wireless Wipes

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Mobile Phones Share More than Just Information…

It’s flu season.  Everywhere you look people are coughing and sneezing.  What you may not have noticed though, is that right after sneezing people are touching doorknobs, elevator switches, and other things that you come in contact with dozens of times each day.

You then touch your phone with the same hands that you use to touch doorknobs and other infected objects.  To make matters worse, you put your phone up to your face, less than an inch away from you mouth.  Before you know it, you have the same nasty virus as the guy who sneezed on his hands and then touched the elevator switch just moments before you did.

Gross, right? Maybe even a little bit scary?  It’s just that easy to get sick.

Nasty Phone Facts

Did you know that your smartphone is actually one of the dirtiest and most unsanitary objects in your home or office?

In fact, studies have shown there there are actually more germs on your smartphone then there are on the seats of public transportation or on the floors of public restrooms.  Just think, each time you are putting your phone up to your face, you are putting your mouth next to a surface that is dirtier than the floor of a public restroom!

Wireless Wipes: the Solution

Fortunately, there is a way to keep yourself safe and healthy. By simply wiping your phone with a disinfectant wipe at least once a day you can drastically reduce your chance of getting sick.

However, many disinfectant wipes will leave streaks on your phone’s screen and may even cause water damage is the wipes are too moist.

Wireless Wipes are the only disinfectant wipes that are specifically designed to clean mobile devices.  While strong enough to scour away germs and bacteria, Wireless Wipes are safe for use on LCD screens, metal, plastic, and glass without fear of streaking or blotting.

While Wireless Wipes normally cost $4.95, you can get them from DiscountCell for the low price of only $1.05.

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