Marware CEO Hybrid Video Review

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The Marware CEO Hybrid for iPad Mini provides the right amount of balance between style and functionality.

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The Marware CEO Hybrid is very well designed and features holes and access points to all of the various cameras, ports, and buttons of the iPad mini.

The iPad Mini fits securely into the Marware CEO Hybrid with 4 secure clips while open and with 2 more secure clips while closed.  The Marware CEO Hybrid features an elastic band to help securely keep the case shut.

The Marware CEO Hybrid offers 5 viewing positions.  The first four positions offer different viewing angles for the iPad Mini when set on a table or on a a desk, and the last position is for use when holding the case in one hand.  For this last viewing angle, there is is a large elastic strap on the back side of the case that allows the user to securely hold the tablet on the go.


The Marware CEO Hybrid maintains a very professional look.  The case has a slim profile and is available in four different colors: black, red, pink, and purple.

The outside of the case is made out of a carbon fiber weave and the inside is made out of soft, protective microfiber.


While the Marware CEO Hybrid offers no screen protection while open, the backside of the case folds over and covers the screen when closed.

The bumpers on the four corners of the case also offer some basic protection from minor falls and other shock damage.

Although the Marware CEO Hybrid is well-suited for office use, a more comprehensive and durable case is recommended if the iPad is to be used outside.


The Marware CEO Hybrid is very reasonably priced.  At less than $25, the Marware CEO Hyrbrid provides a very high level of value for a very low price.

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